Spain austerity protesters clash with police in Madrid

Protesters gather close to Spain's parliament during an "Occupy Congress" demonstration in Madrid on Tuesday

Spanish police have baton-charged protesters attending a rally against austerity dubbed “Occupy Congress”.

The clashes occurred as protesters tried to tear down barriers blocking access to the parliament in Madrid, reports said.

Metal barriers had been placed around the building to block access from every possible direction.

Indignants, as the demonstrators are known, say they are protesting at the “kidnapping” of democracy.

Spain’s provinces have piled pressure on the government with a possible new bailout request and an early election.

Andalucia is considering asking for a 4.9bn euro (£3.9bn; $6.3bn) emergency credit line from the central government, a spokeswoman for the regional administration confirmed to Reuters news agency.


BBC has the full article

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