China consider naming their aircraft carrier after disputed islands to show sovereignty

A half-built Chinese-owned aircraft carrier Varyag, which is to be converted into a floating casino in China, is towed and escorted by a flotilla of tugboats and pilot ships past the Leandros Tower built in 419 B.C. on the Bosphorus Straits in Istanbul November 1, 2001. REUTERS-Fatih Saribas-Files(Reuters) – When Japanese activists scrambled ashore on a disputed island chain in the East ChinaSea this month, one of China’s most hawkish military commentators proposed an uncharacteristically mild response.

Retired Major General Luo Yuan suggested naming China’s new aircraft carrier Diaoyu, after the Diaoyu islands in the East China Sea. It would demonstrate China’s sovereignty over the islands known as the Senkakus in Japanese, he said.

For a notable hardliner, it was one of the least bellicose reactions he has advocated throughout a series of territorial rows that have soured China’s ties with its neighbors in recent months.

More typical was General Luo’s warning in April that the Chinese navy would “strike hard” if provoked during a dispute with the Philippines over Scarborough Shoal in the South China Sea.

One possible reason for General Luo’s restraint, military analysts say, is he knows it could be towards the end of the decade before China can actually deploy the new carrier to the disputed islands or any other trouble spot.

Despite public anticipation in China that the carrier — a refitted, Soviet-era vessel bought from Ukraine — will soon become the flagship of a powerful navy, defense experts say it lacks the strike aircraft, weapons, electronics, training and logistical support it needs to become a fighting warship.


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