Japan arrests pro-China activist swimmers in island row

Japan Coast Guard released a photo of the Hong Kong fishing boat

Japanese police have arrested 14 pro-China activists who landed on disputed islands, reports say.

The group had sailed from Hong Kong to the islands, known as Senkaku in Japan and Diaoyu in China, followed by Japanese coastguard vessels.

Five activists were arrested on land and another nine who stayed on their boat were detained later.

Japan is also embroiled in a row over islands with South Korea, and a high-level visit to a controversial shrine.

The various rows erupted as Japan marked the anniversary of its surrender at the end of World War II and South Korea its independence from Japanese colonial rule.

The group of pro-China activists set sail on Sunday.

Japanese coastguard vessels surrounded the boat as it approached, but seven of the activists jumped overboard and swam to one of the islands, local media report.


BBC has the full article

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