Ted Cruz Wins Texas Senate Primary in ‘Tea Party Victory’

For months pundits have been saying the Tea Party is over but don’t tell that to the Texans who just nominated Tea Party darling Ted Cruz to run as the GOP’s candidate for the U.S. Senate.

KHOU: “Starting with the race the whole country is watching right now, Dewhurst versus Cruz, and the Associated Press has just announced that Ted Cruz is the winner in this run-off.”

The former Solicitor General defeated Lieutenant Governor David Dewhurst who was supported by establishment Republicans including Governor Rick Perry. Cruz campaigned on the notion that Dewhurst wasn’t conservative enough for the Lone Star state. But MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow says she doesn’t really see a difference between them.

Maddow: “And indeed there are no real policy differences between these two candidates. In today’s Republican party politics all you got to do is call the other guy too liberal, call him conciliatory …”

Until recently, Cruz was somewhat of an unknown but after a redistricting fight pushed the primaries to this month he began to build momentum. The Star-Telegram quotes the man with the political crystal ball, Larry Sabato,


Newsy has the full transcript

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