‘Sophisticated’ Booby Traps Inside Shooting Suspect’s Home

(multimedia) A sophisticated set of so-called booby traps slowed the police investigation of suspected shooter James Holmes’s apartment. Twelve people died in the shooting spree in Aurora on Friday. KUSA reports what investigators found inside the suspect’s home.

“Mortar-like shells in this apartment, jars full of ammunition in these liter bottles, one-liter bottles full of some kind of liquid connected to trip wires.”
Aurora’s police chief said the booby traps are, quote, “something he’s never seen before.” He added police were expected to remain on the scene for hours or days before they will be able to determine how to defuse the trap. CNN notes:
“They actually had to send in robots with tiny cameras to see what was going on. And they found a web of trip wires and chemical devices and gasoline just ready to explode.”
The robots took photos that are being analyzed to determine the next step to detonate the suspected booby traps.
Newsy has the full transcript

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