Experts predict buggy summer across the US

(multimedia) Mosquitoes, ants, water bugs, ticks and bees. They are coming out all over the U.S. with a vengeance this summer according to bug experts.

The city of New Orleans has reported an elevated number of mosquitoes this year, and so have many cities in northeast Illinois, as well as St. Paul, Minn., where pest control workers have reported a 50 percent increase in call volume.

In the Northeast, a mild winter and a mellow spring with warm and wet conditions has added up to the perfect storm, creating a flourishing bug population.

Mike Deutsch, an urban Entomologist with Arrow Exterminating Company, tells Fox News, “We are bracing for a major bug war, if you will. It all depends on how the summer is. If the summer is really hot and there is a lot of moisture like there has been the last month or so, the population of insects is going to be out of control.”
Fox News has the full article

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