Postal Service May Keep Rural Offices Open

(multimedia) The Postmaster General has offered up a new plan to keep thousands of rural post offices from packing it in.  Here’s HLN with the headline.

“The 13,000 post offices would stay open, but with much shorter hours. Full-time employees could be forced to work part-time. … it could save a half-billion dollars a year. The new strategy would take couple of years to complete … ”

So come rain, or sleet, or snow … or budget cuts, folks in rural America will continue to get their mail. The possible shutdown led to a bitter debate in Washington. Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill — whose state would have seen many of those rural closures — is quoted by the Guardian, saying …

“Targeting rural post offices for closure is callous, unnecessary and irresponsible and doesn’t solve the fiscal problems facing the Postal Service.”

But if closing rural post offices isn’t the answer … the Wall Street Journal points outsomething’s gotta happen.


Newsy has the full transcript

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