Drone use in the U.S. raises privacy concerns

(multimedia) (CBS News) – Unmanned aerial vehicles, a key weapon in the hunt for terrorists overseas, are coming to America. In February, President Barack Obama signed a bill that opens U.S. airspace to thousands of these unmanned aircraft.

The drones come in just about any size you want – as large as a passenger plane – or as small as a hummingbird.

“There’s no stopping this technology,” said Peter Singer, a¬†Senior Fellow at the Brookings Institution¬†and perhaps the country’s foremost authority on drones. “Anybody who thinks they can put this genie back in the box – that’s silliness.”

Singer watched them dramatically alter the American battlefield overseas, and says they’re about to become the next big thing at home.

“They’re technologies that not only give you capabilities that you couldn’t have imagined a generation earlier,” Singer said. “But they’re also technologies that cause questions that you weren’t asking yourself a generation earlier.”


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